News on Denver Fallfest, SDRuno and SDR Console support

Steve from SDRplay will be supporting the Ham Radio outlet team at the Denver Fallfest this weekend.  It’s  a great opportunity to see the RSPs in action and ask lots of questions.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we really are very close to releasing SDRuno Version 1.2 after lots of last minute bug fixes  – it will be out this weekend 🙂

Version 1.2 includes:

New SP1 display using new, and independent, zoom and RBW controls
More windows open by default (supports multiple screen resolutions)
Save power (dBm) and SNR (dB) to CSV file over time for the selected VFO
MHz can now be used when entering frequencies
IQ output wav files can be encoded
Keypad buttons now setup the SP1 display to “frame” each band
Saving workspaces is much easier (CTRL+W)
Mode specific step sizes
+ other features and bug fixes

For those of you who enjoy using the amazing SDR-Console, SDRplay’s website’s download for RSP users now includes Simon Brown’s latest SDR Console V3 Preview 7 which has an enhanced spectrum algorithm and CW skimmer now works really well.  We encourage donations to be sent to SDR Console at