Expectations Exceeded

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Expectations Exceeded

Postby radio463817 » Thu Sep 08, 2016 6:08 pm

My main expectation was to be able to have a good band scope and spectrum display to analyze, search out, and hopefully resolve severe man made broadband noise. Not only was I very impressed with the receiver capability but the great versatility of the SDR Console software.

What I really want to express is the awesome support from SDR Support when I had a computer lock up and could no longer connect to the RSP1. With this awesome support, it was discovered the lock up configured the SDR Console/RSP1 to operate above 9 GHz.

I exited the lock up and tried to reconnect to the RSP1 but the RSP1 will not connect if the last configuration tried to set an out-of-range frequency.

My hat's off to SDRPlay and Steve in support.
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