Highly Impressed

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Highly Impressed

Postby bjzq888 » Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:49 pm

I have been a radio tinkerer for a long time, used a computer-controlled receiver since 1994 (WR-1000i) and been an SDR user since 2012. I have been through all sorts of devices and lots of different software. I am very highly impressed at the performance of the SDRplay for HF use, and much higher frequencies as well. I'm currently using an un-un and about 300 feet of wire as a horizontal loop antenna, and I'm getting spectacular results. I'm also highly impressed by the software, which while having a bit of a steep learning curve, is now very intuitive and useful (you wouldn't expect a fighter jet to have a shallow learning curve!). It has more features than any other software I've used. At the price point, it's an unbeatable value. I'm 100% satisfied, and I'll be adding more of these to my bench soon. Thank you for all of your hard work!

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Re: Highly Impressed

Postby GW4tHK » Sat Oct 08, 2016 2:05 pm

After reading your comments on the sdrplay I also have been very impressed with this little box. I ordered it on Thursday received it next day, played with it all day yesterday and feel so pleased that I took the plunge and purchased it.
My first experiences with data with radio was way back in about 1983. A friend and I purchased a spectrum 16 computer which received its data via audio input from a audio cassette tape recorder(boy oh boy it was slow even when it worked ) we were class B licensed hams then so we used just 2 mtrs so we fed the output of the computer via audio into the radio via 2 mtrs and read the data back at the other station from the second VHF radio into the second computer, all we were sending were pictures of our qso cards as few as they were then but it worked and we were so impressed hi.
How technology has changed and the sdrplay is one hell of a piece of kit to demonstrate that. It compares with my shack radios and even betters some.
Thanks to the guys who put this together and please keep up the good work.

Bill. GW4THK
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