No direct contact to SDRplay support.

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Re: No direct contact to SDRplay support.

Post by 13dka » Sun Feb 12, 2017 3:59 pm

Thanks for the statement. I want to apologize for all wrong assumptions I may have made. :oops:
I just wanted to make clear that I did look around various places, and that lead me to the impression that you don't want to bother much with this forum. I'm glad that you see this a bit different than previous statements regarding the role of this forum may have indicated, maybe the lesson to learn from this is "how could that guy get this all down the wrong pipe in first place?".

It may be good to point people much more to this forum for quick first assistance and general exchange, the less populated a forum is, the less it works for everyone.

BTW, a forum is often much more readable when it comes to documenting something (be it some how-to posting, or a bug) with images, so it would be nice if you could somewhat increase the 3-images limit per post, maybe to 5 or so. Thanks!

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