Broken wire

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Broken wire

Postby Big Phizza » Thu Jan 19, 2017 9:48 pm

Recently got an RSP 2. Bit of a noob as regards amateur radio and especially SDR. I mostly want to do SWL with a bit of airband as well

I installed all the software and hardware ok. After a couple of days, the Antenna A connector came loose, and I couldn't tighten it up, despite my best efforts. I also noticed that reception was very poor to say the least. So I switched to antenna B and can get reception. Being a bit of a nosey sod, I couldn't resist taking the cover off the RSP. When I did, I found that the internal wire from the circuit board to the SMA had some how broken in two.

Can anyone advise how best to go about repairing the connector. I'm assuming its fairly straighforward, but not sure how to go about it

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Re: Broken wire

Postby g1hbe » Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:05 am

Phil - the leads are mini coaxial cable, and it seems strange that one of them should become completely broken unless you didn't notice when the socket came loose and you carried on twisting until it snapped. SMA connectors are not the best mechanically and you have to be careful with them. I find no more than finger-tight is about right.
If you are confident and have the right skills, the cable can be replaced. There's a good company called Sinequanon which has a good range of SMA to XX connector leads. I'm not actually sure what exact kind of connector is at the PCB end, but I'm sure 'support at SDRPlay' can help you.

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