Windows SDR software vs. Linux SDR software

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Windows SDR software vs. Linux SDR software

Postby someYguy » Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:40 pm

I'm experienced with both Windows & Linux, but mostly use Windows because of my software needs. For the RSP1s here, I normally use HDSDR & SDRSharp for most work, and sometimes SDRuno.

So I decided to install & try Skywave Linux, which is a special version of Ubuntu, with many radio programs preinstalled and configured. Very nice and easy to use. Thank you Skywave Linux team!. For those unfamiliar, you can read about & download it here:

So I installed Skywave and tried Gqrx, CubicSDR, etc. and found them IMO to be a bit lacking compared to their Windows counterparts. Although these Linux programs do function pretty well, I found that on my computer they seem to struggle with things that HDSDR & SDRuno handle easily such as wider bandwidths, waterfall rendering, and spectrum graphics clarity.

Also, the Win programs seem (to me, anyway) to be overall more polished and stable. User interfaces of the Windows programs are IMO more refined and easier to use.

This isn't meant to discourage anybody from using these fine Linux programs, just my experience. Yours might be different. And all of the hard work by both the Linux and Windows software developers who bring us this awesome software is VERY much appreciated.

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