RSP1 Off Frequency - by a lot!

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RSP1 Off Frequency - by a lot!

Post by kg0ew » Thu Feb 02, 2017 5:23 am

Just received my RSP1, using with SDRUno on an Window10 computer. It appears that the frequency display is off significantly from the actual receiver frequency. Right now, the frequency displayed on screen is 3.565 MHz, and I'm listening to WWV :( . Not sure if the receiver is actually tuned to 2.5 MHz or 5 MHz. Any suggestions on what noop mistake I'm making and how to fix it?
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Re: RSP1 Off Frequency - by a lot!

Post by g1hbe » Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:50 am

I'm assuming you are using the RSP1 as a stand-alone RX, not as a panadaptor?
There could be a few things that may cause this, but first check on a few known frequencies (perhaps AM broadcasts) to confirm that there is really an error or not. What you are hearing may just be an image response.
If there seems to be an error on all frequencies, first click on OPT in the small MAIN panel and a drop-down menu will appear. Check that the I&Q channels have not been reversed. If it isn't that, click on the SETT button at the top of the same small MAIN panel. A window will open and you should click in OFFSETS and make sure NONE is highlighted. Do not try to correct a frequency error this big by adjusting the PPM setting or you will end up in a mess.
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