Old ham, new technology!!

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Old ham, new technology!!

Postby bobbyjim » Sat May 13, 2017 5:07 pm

Received my call sign (W7IUT) in March, 1953---64 years ago---after returning from 20 months in Korean War and have experienced and used many new technologies and thousands of pages of user manuals----they ALL required significant (more or less) effort and learning curve frustration to capture and successfully use. I have completed about 2 weeks of getting acquainted with the SDR Pro 2 and it has proven no different---it is a wonderfully interesting experience and I am happy to discover that ---"you can teach and old dog new tricks"--- the SDR2 is so multi-faceted in its usefulness it has already proven an asset to my well used ham desk---I prefer CW with my 60 year old Vibroplex bug and the SDR2 has great possibilities to enable new fun!---Thanks to the heavy thinkers at SDR, Bob, W7IUT
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Re: Old ham, new technology!!

Postby someYguy » Sat Jun 17, 2017 5:17 pm

Very good Bob! I was licensed as a teenager in the 70s and in those days us young boys (at least all of the ones which I knew) used hand-me-downs and whatever else we could scrounge to get on the air with :). I've used many ARC-5 TX & RX rigs, countless Collins, Drake, Heathkit, and others as well as homebrewing many of my own. In fact, I still use a Heathkit HW-101 daily.

I first tried SDR technology here several years ago using a Flex Radio Flex 1500 which I had bought used. Setup was easy and it worked great but I soon realized that the 48khz bandwidth was a serious limitation. So I sold it and intended to buy a unit with higher bandwidth but got into other things and lost interest for awhile.

Then on a whim about a year or so ago I bought an RSP1 from HRO to give it a whirl. After I learned how to control the gain manually, it quickly became my goto receiver for most everything. I use it for everything from ham radio to test gear applications, running on a Dell Optiplex 360 with Windows 7.

Glad you are trying new things and enjoying it!

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