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RSP2. Going into 2nd week. Help and requests.

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 3:10 pm
by supwiddiss
So far pretty good. Got the RSP2 after searching reviews and forums. Easy sw install and setup.
Using a Comet Discone, a QFH for LEO sats, and a longwire into the High-Z port.

It doesn't work with SDR# (one reason I got it). I'm and "old schooler" SWL and VHF guy.
Scan and store, S meter thresholds incorporated in. And the ability to ignore spurs while doing so needs to be implemented.

The RSP2 decision was after attempting to widen and narrow the IF bandwidth on a few scanners and an ICOM IC-R8500.
I have a test bench. Spectrum analyzers, etc. I like the RSP2 sensitivity and flexibility to change operational parameters.
Lots of reading and learning to be done still.

Not entirely understanding when using HDSDR bandwidth>input sampling rate making voice coms sounding like a dragging tape when using high sampling rates. The SDR Controller EXTIO settings will take more reading. 0 IF is a bit....confusing, as is the ADC settings. More reading and playing I guess.

Scan and store, locking out sigs (AND spurs). A way to use software with the EXTIO for 3rd party applications (yours has very limited plugins...if any).
This should be a must. If registering my SDRplay RSP2 was only so that you could track sales. I ask you a question.
I have 2 weeks still to return my RSP2 for a refund (as currently it has no software scan support) and swap it for a different SDR that DOES.
How would you track returns of other units that do not meet up to the expectations that other lesser or better SDR units do as a defacto standard (ie: software support).

Users in this forum. Please offer suggestions if you can to assist myself and others.
I have installed quite a few SDR software applications and placed the EXTIO in them. Some work, some will not, and others partially work with the RSP2.

And, Thanks!

Re: RSP2. Going into 2nd week. Help and requests.

Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 6:51 pm
by Paul
The SDRPlay/SDRUno has essentially unlimited memory banks in which a y/n data field exists that is said to be intended for use in a future scanning function.
So presumably the team will get around to it sooner or later - there are a lot of people out there waiting eagerly for it, but it's probably going to be worth waiting for if it's up to the standard of the rest of the SDRUno software.
See P 46 of the user manual:
11.5 Memory data fields
Currently each memory location includes 5 data fields:
This is the most important field of course; frequency is expressed in Hertz up to 10 digits. If left blank the
program will not change the tuning frequency of the relative VRX upon recalling.
S (scan mode)
This single character field is a flag for the SDRuno scanning feature (not yet implemented); its purpose is
to instruct the scanning system on what to do with that specific memory location. Allowed values are
blank, Y and N.

Re: RSP2. Going into 2nd week. Help and requests.

Posted: Fri May 26, 2017 4:32 pm
by supwiddiss
Thanks for the reply Paul.
"So presumably the team will get around to it sooner or later "....and I hope that they do. Real soon.
Hoping that I don't get stuck with a 'stagnant' RSP2. Leaning towards the very common today practice of manufacturers realizing limitations after production release (ie: the NEW RSP3 release very soon)....hoping not.

No mention of possible firmware updates. Or of source code available for other creative individuals to implement functions that native SDRplay applications lack, or integrate, in other SDR programs.

Mention is made of "cluttering my software". But sometimes that clutter and the choice of being able to is what custom tailoring for the end user makes for a satisfying experience. Look at other fields. Audio applications, video production, office applications, other amateur radio apps, even web browsers. And yes, I DO hate toolbars on browsers. But some do. Correct?

I've also tried SDR Console V3. Cannot click-and-tune. Why?
Limitations of the ExtIO? Needs to edit configuration files?
Or a combination of both?

I'm still working on a good HF antenna (or antennas) for this radio. I get far less noise on an old Collins boat anchor tube receiver and the IC-R8500 using a simple longwire. Although VHF does appear to be more sensitive. And the built in LNA is pretty sweet.

Reviews reviews reviews and YouTube helped me make my choice on an SDR. I even opted to spend the few extra bucks for the Pro.

So the question remains. How soon SDRplay?
Remaining optimal.

Re: RSP2. Going into 2nd week. Help and requests.

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:43 pm
by ctripps
I use the slightly older version of SDR# with my RSP2 and it works great with plugins.
You can get that version at:

I found the above on this forum at viewtopic.php?t=248

Works like a charm.