SDRuno Frustration

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SDRuno Frustration

Post by peterex » Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:32 pm

SDRuno with it's wonderful on screen virtual communications radio display is very attractive and obviously attracts a lot of sales of the SDR boxes. But user friendly it is not! I would suggest a large box of headache tablets is provided with every sale! I've been a SWL for 60 years and a licence holder since 1974. I am also reasonably computer literate but I find myself having to constantly refer to the manual to refresh my memory as to how even the basic functions work! Unlike most "real"communications receivers the operation of many controls is not self evident. I realise of course SDRuno is a free programe and maybe I shouldn't complain too much but to my mind it needs a radical update by some computer wizard with an experienced Amateur sitting next to him to provide practical operating advice to ensure that everyone can enjoy their purchase without the headaches!
I don't think rewriting and simplifying manuals is the answer,it's the virtual layout of controls which needs to be changed.
Personally I much prefer the HDSR program which although it isn't as comprehensive as SDRuno doesn't need so much brain ache to operate!
Am I a voice in the wilderness or do others have the same problem?
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Re: SDRuno Frustration

Post by deadite66 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:03 pm

It has lots of features but the layout is a mess.
i currently have 18 marine channels enabled in SDRConsole v3 this would be unmanageable for me un SDRuno.

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Re: SDRuno Frustration

Post by jonrsp2pro » Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:34 am

HPSDR would be a huge imrovement. Wish development effort would be to get that working with RSP's
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Re: SDRuno Frustration

Post by g1hbe » Sat Sep 23, 2017 9:25 am

The more time you spend with SDRUno the easier it gets, but I agree that some of the controls and settings are buried in places where you would not expect them. I think it would a big help to have the program initially start up with a ready-made screen layout so that new users wouldn't have to start faffing about setting up all the windows and then wondering how to save it. That seems to be a big 'put off' factor for some. I believe there is a new version on its way soon, so let's see.

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Re: SDRuno Frustration

Post by Paul » Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:27 am

May I say somewhat diffidently, as an historic user of various radios (without any technical expertise worth mentioning - if something didn't work, a technician fixed it), that although it's been a fairly steep learning curve for me, with no "technical" background and being only semi-computer-literate, I have been able to achieve most of what I've set out to do using SDRuno and an RSP2 and have not lacked for support and advice when needed, either from SDRPlay support, or knowledgable and helpful forum members.
Whilst the manual may be deficient in the view of those with greater expertise/experience, I find that it and the on-line videos serve the likes of me pretty well.
I am without doubt not utilising the wealth of sophisticated control options available, so am probably unable to appreciate what the differences in control layout between this and a "real" radio may mean to someone with far greater experience, but it obviously approaches functions in a different way, so with no preconceptions maybe I'm better off.
However, I certainly need too find out how best to utilise the various options available and hope to get there in the end.
On a slightly different topic, with regard to enabling a number of frequencies within SDRConsole; how does this differ from using the memory bank application in SDRuno and does it imply the use of multiple receivers?

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