Received excellent support from SDRPlay Support Team

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Received excellent support from SDRPlay Support Team

Postby Ben_C » Sun Jun 25, 2017 12:01 am

Just want to say here SDRPlay Support Team has provided me with excellent support.

Took delivery of my RSP2, installed and works great straightaway with HDSDR and SDR Console 3 on my Windows 10 PC. Then installed SDRUno, all seems fine with its installation. But SDRUno refused to start.

So I contacted SDRPlay's online Support Helpdesk. After many exchanges of try this and try that, still no luck. I must say many of these exchanges were carried out during late evenings, very impressed by the dedication of the team member. Last resort was a TeamViewer session (I know, a bit risky, but I was desperate). Took a couple of long remote sessions with debug codes added to the Uno software etc. Finally nailed down to a rare situation that the support team member said having seen thousands of scenarios, this one is new to him. Anyway he offered to provide me with a special one-off temporary version of SDRUno instead of me waiting for the next official software update. Must say again this was a very kind offer from him. Anyway since the culprit was identified, on my PC, I changed a setting and have SDRUno starting up and running without any more problem.

The problem seems for some reason, SDRUno insists on accessing the Windows 10's default "Documents" folder. I don't use this folder and for some reason, this folder was not assigned an owner. Therefore my Windows OS refused access by SDRUno, and therefore SDRUno refused to start. So I assigned ownership of this folder to my user account and problem solved. Still don't know why SDRUno insists on accessing the Documents folder before it starts. As subsequently I can't find anything written to this folder by SDRUno. I never have any problem installing all my other application software on my Windows 10 OS, been using it since launched.

Thanks again, Andy, for your help at those late evening hours.
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