Excellent product/ Just Wow!/ 100% good!

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Excellent product/ Just Wow!/ 100% good!

Postby jon » Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:18 pm

Some recent reviews posted on the eHam review site:

KK4CF Rating: 5/5 Jul 19, 2017 18:53
Excellent Product
I have been using the RSP2 Pro for a spectrum display along side my IC-9100 while working satellites for about 3 months now. It is connected to a separate set of antennas and functions great along side the IC-9100. No rig control the way I am using it, but the Pro does a great job of providing a display of the activity on the satellite band. It has helped me work grids that I would have missed. The IC-9100 does not interfere with the RSP2 Pro and the Pro's receive is on par with the IC-9100. Based on my experience it is a bargain at $200.

KJ3LR Rating: 5/5
Just Wow!
The technology packed into this small package is truly remarkable!

HB9OAB Rating: 5/5
100% good!
A great great SDR (SDRplay RSP2)

Services/preformance/price are excellent!!!!

They went from several SDR-RTL to a DXPatrol... and all of these were seriously deficient, ELAD for the BAND/frequency.

The ones on the market low price from 1 KHz to 2000MHz, so I made this choice and I was very very very happy.

I wanted to try this SDRplay RSP2 for NOTCH BC/FM, Power for ext LNA, 3x three antenna outputs (software switch), I do not have to unscrew to change antenna then also for a nice TCXO!!!!

Purchased to Home and 23 hours (amazing!!!) was delivered to me and I was already using.

Immediately ease of use also of the various soft:
-SDRconsole 2
-SDRconsole 3

All programs that already used it previously so was all very simple in using this SDR.
I connected to the output of my RFout RTX + USB makes me duplex SWITCH and RL antenna.
I must say that the programs used NOT always are very stable, sometimes if exploited MULTI receivers (24 with SDRconsole and 15 with SDRuno) but SDR is attacked by a month to my server dual I7 win10/64bit and I use it every day without problem or to having to reset the PC or CRASH driver or otherwise...

I noticed some CRASH but not the RSP2 but the SDRconsole software, SDRuno and HDSDR.
Then stable compared with the SDR-RTL driver.

Evidently that struggles with computer configurations misconfigured will not be happy (not the fault of SDRPLAY RSP2 ...) but if you have a stable and good PC, play it safe!

7-24x receiver with 10% CPU/GPU...

Check here http://www.qrz.com/db/hb9oab

LIKE ALL THE SDR is not that you turn on and use it as a transceiver, get the most out of setting made with the software.
I likened here with several receivers and also a FTdx3000/5000 I have to say that is outstanding compared to this price/performance.

I opened several receivers simultaneously sending them audio to splitted applications as SSTV, RTTY PSK JT etc ... with no problem.

On my site I have some pictures of 7-24 multiRX made with SDRPLAY RSP2...

Check here http://www.qrz.com/db/hb9oab

Franco, HB9oab

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