HPSDR and sdr play rsp2 pro

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HPSDR and sdr play rsp2 pro

Postby jonrsp2pro » Sat Sep 23, 2017 2:28 am

Have the rsp2pro and would love to use the HPSDR open source version of power sdr. Seems to be developed for the Anan radios. Has anyone got it working with the play products?
Tried SDRUNO and just do not like it. So use HDSDR most of the time linked to my Ten Tec Orion.
To be able to use Power SDR would be a step up IMHO, Had a Flex 5000a and PowerSDR was great and easy to use. I think HPSDR is even above it in the noise blanking and NR department. With rsp2 3 antennas the diversity feature should also work with it.
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