RSP1A detected like RSP2

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RSP1A detected like RSP2

Postby shmulik_s » Wed Dec 13, 2017 7:06 am

just to in light an issue that was resolved by SDRPLAY team.
i own old RSP1 and tried to add new RSP1A to existing set of SW that uses mostly the SDR console Ver 2 & 3 and the SDRUNO

although the SW's SDR console V3 and UNO , showed signs that they found the device it appeared like RSP2 (allow input antennas selection)
i even updated APIs downloaded from the sdrplay site.

so, after short inquiries i asked for tech support and been asked to reinstall UNO and SDR console most upgraded versions. this worked.
thanks for the support with following comments:
1. could add a comment on the installation page, to reinstall if already users
2. add same comment in WEB site
3. SDR console V2 is not supporting RSP1A - when it will?
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