RSP2PRO..Its a W.I.P...Work In Progress

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Re: RSP2PRO..Its a W.I.P...Work In Progress

Post by RSP2user » Mon May 21, 2018 11:26 pm

Regarding use of long (e.g., 50 ft+) USB extension cables, yes the correct cable can work well to save on the expense of low-loss RF cable. Here is a blog review posted by SDRplay: ... operation/

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Re: RSP2PRO..Its a W.I.P...Work In Progress

Post by FleetingGlimpse » Tue May 22, 2018 6:42 pm

Thanks for that bit of nfo Roger, I may have a copy of that version of SDRSharp. However I don't think that by reverting to that version will help me to catchup on my backlog of work.

I am all about Moving Forward.My initiation using SDRSHARP has armed me with the confidence to engage in 'Moving Forward'

I tested the RSP2Pro using a Inmarsatception configuration using a Homebrew version of A Helix antenna. I tried to design the Helix to cover both L-Band & S-Band frequencies.

My interest with Inmarsat was 'bourne' from my interest in the Outernet open satellite project. But from what i have read,They have shelved that portion of the Outernet Project.

I was also hoping to use the Inmarsat_Outernet project as a stepping stone to becoming familiar with RaspberryPI & Arduino Technology.

Best Regards, Storminorm

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