Cubic SDR & MACbook. Android Tablet suggestions?

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Cubic SDR & MACbook. Android Tablet suggestions?

Postby duggae » Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:37 pm

Got my new RSP2 pro running on a Macbook pro with Cubic SDR . Very Cool! I do wish SDRuno was ready Mac ready.

I want to get an Android Tablet that will work with the RSP2. My 7” Samsung Tab A won’t work as it’s not OTG enabled.

Any suggestions on an Android tablet that has OTG? What model tablet are you using with your RSP? I’m off grid so using a tablet is more energy efficient than even the macbook laptop. And more portable.

For antenna’s I am using a 135’ dipole fed with windowline and a ten tec antenna tuner. I also have 500+ feet of insulated telephone wire laying on the ground (under 3 ft of snow right now) that works great on BCB and lower frequencies. I am homebrewing a discone for VHF/UHF. I’m a longtime ham, N0IKD
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