SDRPlay during CQWW on 20m on a Mosley Beam

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SDRPlay during CQWW on 20m on a Mosley Beam

Postby NN4F » Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:02 am

A quick sample of the CQWW Ham Radio Contest recorded in HDSDR using a Mosley TA-63, a 6 band 6 Element (20m-6m) beam at 65ft. Antenna is connected directly to the RSP, and aimed at Europe from South Carolina, load into HDSDR and turn the loop on, last button on the playback controls and it will loop continuously, so you can explore the bands and see how it performs when connected to a larger resonant antenna. (Covers 13.300 - 15.000) ... sp=sharing

Pic of antenna at

Paul - NN4F
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