Can RSP1A Replace an Icom 7300?

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Can RSP1A Replace an Icom 7300?

Post by n3hkn » Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:32 pm

I have been agonizing about getting an Icom 7300. I have used lots of SDR stuff for a few years. But ending up with an FT-450D Yaesu. It is ok but certainly not an SDR. I bought the RSP1A just to see how the latest SDR stuff was working before I lost $1000 in the 7300 rush.

I have my FT-450D computer controlled and directly connected to an attic dipole for 40m and 20m. The little RSP1A is connected to an amplified loop on my deck about 12ft from the ground on a painter's pole. The loop's amplified is protected from transmitted RF with a switch controlled by the PTT of the 450. Using DXLab Warbler I can run PSK31 in what I believe is a receive environment that is similar to the 7300. With UNO there is probably better control of the receive environment than is available on the 7300. Actual receive performance versus the 7300 is strictly a weak subjective rationalization. However, it SEEMS to be on a par with the 7300. If anyone has seen a comparison test it would be interesting.

Well, either through self-delusion, or reality, I have a very effective modern "transceiver". To look at another aspect of the combination I shrunk the UNO spectrum to its minimum. It still was useful. BUT, when I got out the ruler and measured a 4.3inch diagonal (7300 crt) I was shocked to see how small it would be when compared to the minimized UNO screen. YUK....

I can see no reason, at this time, to spend almost $1000 for a 7300 when a $100 RSP1A and a $500 FT-450D are probably performing as well, or better than a 7300 on the receive (the important) side. ;)

Dick N3HKN

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Re: Can RSP1A Replace an Icom 7300?

Post by someYguy » Fri Aug 03, 2018 5:39 pm

Hi Dick,

I saw your post about this on eHam. It is true that the RSP1A is a very good performing receiver. But so is the RX in the Icom IC-7300. For me, the answer would boil down to this: Do you want one box with no need for an external computer, and the restrictions of that? (IC-7300 = small screen, no external monitor connection, only one interface program, etc.), or do you want the extra versatility of the RSP1A with computer?. With the RSP, you get the ability to use any size of screen that you wish. You also get much more frequency coverage. And you get the ability to use one or many currently available and future compatible software programs for most any need or taste. You can also use the RSP as an accurate spectrum analyzer for test & measurement applications. Can't get there with the IC-7300.

In terms of performance, I've never used an IC-7300 so no direct comparison here but I've been using RSP devices for about 2 years now and have found them to be very good to excellent receivers and more than adequate for most needs.

So for me anyway the answer would be yes and in my particular case I would not need to buy an Icom IC-7300. In fact, the main transmitter here is a Yaesu FT-817nd driving a homebrew 100w amp as needed and it works just fine :).

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