New RSP-2 User

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New RSP-2 User

Post by Robert11 » Mon Oct 08, 2018 6:01 pm


Just thought I'd pass this along.

Have been playing with my new RSP-2 unit.
Can't get over its capabilities, especially for such a "moderate" cost.
Undoubtedly the best SDR value for units above the Dongle level, out there.
The frequency range is super.

The extra dollars for the -2 with the 3 antenna inputs, in my opinion, is well worth
it over the -1 version.

Let me also state that I have never found any organization with a more responsive
help department (after submitting a tix) than these folks.
Responsive, very, and technically very sharp.
Says a lot for their organization.

Documentation and software downloads pages on their site well implemented.

Will now try the several software packages available, and see which I like best.
Lots of fun. Super experience.


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