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oh.... what have I done?

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:18 pm
by tx264
My introduction to SDR was a Nooelec USB stick. It was (is) brilliant. Worked with SDR# and I received signals without any real issues at all.
So, I decided to buy an SDRplay RSP2 as my interest had been grabbed... I thought "better radio, better experience"... I'm starting to wonder.

I see that RSP2 also doesn't work with SDR#, but that's fine, not SDRplay's fault as I understand it

One of my interests is HF amateur reception (I am a licensed Foundation holder) but I prefer to RX than TX, and was hoping to be able to get plugins to decode morse, RTTY etc. But again, I am struggling to find anything that will do this. One I have found costs £50! (ouch!)

I am also interested in VHF/UHF DMR/digital decoding, but I can't seem to find anything other than something called 'Dream' which does this, I also can't find any idiots guide to installing/configuring it. I also listen to Marine and Air a bit on analogue, but I have a Uniden scanner for this. I live high up on the East Sussex coast, so get great Marine reception, and flights coming over the English Channel are clear and visible out of my window which is a bonus.

Eventually I want to do a lot more, i.e satellites maybe, aircraft radar etc. I hope this receiver does all this?

Right now I am using just a wide bandwidth Sigma Nomad antenna for VHF/UHF but I use a magnetic loop for HF. Both indoors as I live in a 3rd floor flat. The Sigma is literally velcro'd to my wall, the loop sits on a camera tripod.

Have I gone and spent £150 on the wrong SDR for what I want to do? Idiots guides? Software? Surely this £150 SDR is better than a £30 USB stick?

Re: oh.... what have I done?

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:09 am
by RSP2user
You have purchased an exceptional SDR for your needs. The RSP2 can provide the foundation for what you are looking for and more.

For voice/traditional radio reception, try SDRuno, the highly acclaimed application from SDRplay found here: . Once you are familiar with SDRuno, I think you will prefer it over SDR#. I have used both.
For Morse Code and RTTY decoding, try FLDigi: also, refer to article here: RTTY video with FLDigi and RSP here:
For general decoding of digital data signals, try MultiPSK here:
For ADS-B, start with the article here: ... available/
For ACARS, start with the article here: ... CTdpuVrZ2n
For Geostationary weather satellite reception, go here: ... f=5&t=3262
For Orbital HRPT weather satellite reception, go here: ... f=5&t=2624
For Orbital APT weather satellite reception, go here: ... f=5&t=2529
Article on RSP2 protection from the transmitter when working HAM satellites: ... =satellite

If you have an interest in a particular application for your RSP2, go to the "Board Index --> General" tab and put what you are looking for in the search box and do a search. You will likely find a wealth of information on what you are looking for. If not, just ask. There are many on the forum here with expertise in a wide range of SDR applications and the SDRplay support team comments when applicable as well.

Re: oh.... what have I done?

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:04 am
by tx264
Thank you! My concerns fully addressed!