Best antenna no good signals?

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Re: Best antenna no good signals?

Postby vk7jj » Mon Jun 24, 2019 12:38 am

A rural location? Great to use larger simple wire antennae and really benefit from your likely lower noise level.

Given your original question went to the point of precise antenna geometry, my own approach is based on "perfect is the enemy of good", attributed to Voltaire among others though in my case that's probably rationalisation for wanting to build something immediately and being notably un-rich. ... my_of_good

Love Mr Watson-Watt's cult of the imperfect: "Give them the third best to go on with; the second best comes too late, the best never comes."

So if it was me I'd immediately put up any old loop as best I could to see how it went. Based on that experience I'd then improve on it, probably evolving it and it's feedline over a period, the chances are I didn't really understand it and it's limitations anyway so how could I get it right first time? If it became obvious the return on investment of time and effort was low, give it away.

Apologies for the ramble.


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Re: Best antenna no good signals?

Postby Paul » Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:52 am

Thanks very much Phil.
This sounds like my life - the way it's been lived and I am a total believer.
This seems to equate to my usual optimistic/hopeful(?) approach.

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