Calabrating and use

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Calabrating and use

Postby wc2l » Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:56 am

I am sort of stumped.. I thought I had the unit calibrated at CHU @ 3330. I started at 3330 AM. Changed to ECSS. Right clicked on the ExtIO which open the RF front end frequency and calibration screen. When the phase is at 3 o'clock and steady, I click the Calculate. It sets the frequency corrections and I hit apply. When I switch the tuner back to AM, I am off. In order to get the station to sound correct, It needs to be at 3329. I do see that there is a bunch of additional offsets per mode in Hz. Are they supposed to be filled in???

Also I am trying to get the system to be fed from the IF out of my radio . Can someone tell me how to set this up as a panadapter??

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