Brand new SDRPlay

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Brand new SDRPlay

Postby Asylum74 » Thu Mar 10, 2016 2:54 pm

Hello everyone,

I have been using the RTL-SDR's since they were first introduced. I use them in Ubuntu, and Windows. I was quite happy with the RTL-SDR's.

I just received an SDRPlay and had it running within 4 minutes of opening the package. My favorite software to use is SDR-Console and it was nice to see the native support. I first decided to scan shortwave, I use a random long wire about 200 feet. I was seeing signals in places that I had never seen before. The signals I was familiar with that were in the fringe areas, were suddenly full strength. I tuned to 9950 and found that I could not decode DRM with no errors whatsoever. I then moved to a different antenna and scanned the FM broadcast band. Once again, I was hearing stations that I have never heard before, from neighboring states! Amazing! I moved on and scanned the VHF and UHF commercial bands and I am very familiar with the signals that I could receive with the RTL-SDR. My amazement continued when I had many, many new signals that I have never heard before. I also scanned 800mHz-1500mHZ and previously, there were only a couple of 929mHz paging stations that I could receive, with the SDRPlay, I have found so many new things to listen to, I find it very amazing. I cannot express how please I am with the purchase of the SDRPlay. It is well worth the cost of the device.
I received the SDRPlay at 11AM and at 3AM I decided that I had to get to sleep, but at 6AM, I was right back at it.
I live in NY way up on a mountain with an altitude of ~2800 feet.
If anyone is reading this and they are considering the purchase of an SDRPlay - I highly recommend it!
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