Discovering SDR at its best

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Discovering SDR at its best

Postby jon » Mon Jun 06, 2016 8:21 am

4 new RSP users posted these eHam reviews in the last couple of weeks:

K6KWX Rating: 5/5 Jun 3, 2016
Discovering SDR at its best Time owned: 0 to 3 months
SDRPlay is a marvel of engineering, ergonomic and economics. Works flawlessly, and is to me the best start - and keep - tool for SDRs

I have it working either directly off a test wire antenna I set up, as a panadapter for DX hunting, as well as splitting off my OMNI-VII RF input, as a bandscope, allowing me to visually gauge what my radio is receiving within my current band of operation.

For SDR and Rig control software I use HDSDR + HRD, but have had it running on several other panadpters software and rig control programs as well. For hardware I use inexpensive adapter plugs (to BNC and to SO-239), and I use DX Engineering RTR-1 for safely splitting off the RF (though will next route my OMNI-VII internally to do the same).

For me SDRPlay really 'hit the sweet spot' for SDRs, and for quality and customer care too. And at -3dB off the nearest price, and at up to -10dB to -15dB off the of price - and size - at the top of the line, you just can't beat SDRPlay. If only every HAM gizmo was like it... Two connectors and go...

KC9NRN Rating: 5/5 Jun 3, 2016
Very good value Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I received my RSP on 5/28, I dedicated a 20m dipole in the attic for it and the reception is amazing.

I'm working on using it as a panadapter which I hope to have completed within the next week or so. As an SWL its awesome!

It would be nice if they had a few options such as a nice metal box and antenna connection options. Both are easily handled DIY or online but I figure I'd mention them.

G6EXF Rating: 5/5 May 20, 2016
Impressive Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I bought this unit for an Air Cadet Unit, well that is happening and I will set it up on their lap tops using the one of the Face book group gave me. I am so impressed that I am buying one for myself and my colleague who is an instructor at another squadron will be ordering one this weekend. What did it for me was the QSO on 20 mtrs I was listening to between two stations, one a Saudi and the other in South Carolina. On the same antenna, using my TS520SE, I could here the Saudi but no trace of the American station. I had also forgotten the pleasure of SWLing for DX AM stations.... Radio PRC in Shanghai at 40db over 9.

Great stuff, impressed... Now I have it calibrated properly I can use it the way I intended, to hunt out Dx ham stations the switch to the 520 to see if I can work them.

KJ6BBS Rating: 4/5 May 18, 2016
High in quality, low in price Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I was very skeptical at first, because of the price, but I was way off in my judgement of this radio. I pulled the trigger on it because it was under $200, but coming in at half the price of what I paid for an Afedri SDR, but with way more features. I am an HF listener, but having a wide spectrum of frequencies is a bonus. The SDRPlay support is exceedingly great. I was up and running within 10 minutes on my Macbook.

The only complaint I have is the plastic chassis. It's sturdy, but would have preferred an aluminum one. I know it probably keeps the price point down.

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