Enjoying SDRPLAY

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Enjoying SDRPLAY

Postby M6MAL » Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:35 am

Only had it a couple of weeks and i am delighted with it. My main radios are Icom ic7100 widebanded and yaesu ft957 widebanded and 2 H/H Icom D51e and TYT MD380. I stratr
ed looking into SDR after i saw a funcube demo at a ham rally in st neots, I live in a ground floor flat and all i have is a 66ft wire with a 9 to 1 unun i took off my old SRC X80 and i run the wire along a wall in my courtyard as i have no garden and the wire runs at 9ft off the ground. My vhf/uhf consists of a miniscan button mount tx on 2m n 70cms and it is upside down on a metal curtain rail in my flat. I have to go mobile to get any serious 2m done lol.
I bought the sdrplay so i could leave it connected to an indoor aerial and not worry as to use the outdoor i have to go in living room and connect a 20 ft patch lead to get action on radios which are in bedroom. I use a metal slinky suspended from a curtain rail with a 9 to 1 unun i made from a torroid from a computer psu and it works even though the top is 6ft off ground and bottom touches floor, i have transmitted on it in the past and worked into moscow and a lot of europe on psk31 so i thought i would dust it off and use it on my sdrplay and apart from hf it actually pulls in stuff like stereo fm , vhf airband, taxis etc, my 2m repeater and stuff on 70cms . As i have a freeview socket in my bedroom it would be rude not to use it and i use DVB Dream for the freeview as it works perfectly on windows 10 on my pc and laptop, the aerial is a communial one and the flats are 3 stories with mine on ground floor and this TV aerial actually pulls in vhf airband and have pulled in hf aswell, I can use the inverted aerial for 2m/70cms as well as it has wideband rx and i can of course pull in some hf. OK in conclusion the SDRPLAY was well worth it and i liked the specs of the SDRPLAY compared to the airspy n funcube, also i use it with sdruno and sdr# etc etc. I dont have to keep connecting my long patch lead to my icom ic7100 and my outdoor aerial as i can use the sdrplay and if i hear signals on the sdrplay on my slinky or other aerials i then know i can have some serious fun or even crank up ic7100. thanks for reading this and hope folk like it 73 de M6MAL licenced sinced august 2008
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