Receiver offset not tracking with radio and ExtIO issue

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Receiver offset not tracking with radio and ExtIO issue

Postby N2BRG » Wed Aug 31, 2016 6:50 am


I have a Yaesu FT-857 and have an issue which may be due to the way I am setting up the IF output from the rig. I am using a buffer board by G4HUP ( ) which is connected before the 68.33MHz IF filter which gives then gives an IF output as a second receiver for the FT-857.
This setup works fine with HDSDR, but I rather use SDRuno software.
I followed this video for the HDSDR setup which I thought it would also give me an idea for setting up SDRuno with my IF out.

Here is the IF frequency under Sett > Offset. No luck.

I can control the 857 and tuning the 857 controls the software, but SDRuno is not receiving the tuned frequency. I'm not really sure where it is tuned without having to hunt around to see what it is actually tuned to. If I click the 30m button which sets the software and radio to 10.100MHZ. I then tune to 10MHz and I have WWV at s9 on the radio but nothing showing on the spectrum display.

EXtIO Issue:
My main concern is the above issue. This issue is not a major one here.
After setting the input rate at the start, there is no way of saving it so each time you run the program you have to press H and then reset the rate again. Nothing from the ExtIO when changed is saved for the next time you run the program.

Any help would be appreciated.
Gary, N2BRG
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