RX on 20m and 40m

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RX on 20m and 40m

Postby jeepin95 » Sun Sep 25, 2016 5:52 pm

I would like to use my SDRPlay while I am away to listen on 20m and 40m PSK31 and/or JT65 for submitting to PSKReporter but I can't quite figure out how to effectively do this using SDRuno unless I have the main +2 VRXs. If I set the main RX just right I can add 2 VRX windows and tune to 20m ad 40m passing through virtual audio cables but that seems like it will use extra resources. Is there a way that I'm missing to just use the main window on say 20m and 1 VRX on 40m? Really I would end up doing this with 4 total RX 2x20m and 2x40m.


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