SDRuno with Faros (Beacon Monitoring)

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SDRuno with Faros (Beacon Monitoring)

Postby kkinderen » Wed Oct 12, 2016 9:39 pm

I was thinking of using Faros with SDRuno to monitor NCDXF beacons on 14.1 MHz. I can do this with my Flex but can't seem to figure it out with SDRuno

The main issue is I can't seem to route audio output of the SDRplay device to Faros. Faros is looking for input from an audio input device - a soundcard. There is nothing in the audio input device drop down of Faros that seems to relate to SDRplay or SDRuno.

Faros can also control a rig using OMNI-RIG to change bands. I can't seem to figure this part out either. I see SDRuno can use omni-rig to control another rig but can Faros (using omni-rig) control SDRplay?

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