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Virtual Audio Cable Software

Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2016 1:25 pm
by W9KJO
Hello All

I have SDR Play currently monitoring three freqs on two bands and feeding the signals into three separate windows of Fldigi to receive the signals for each. I am using VB Cable which offers up to three Virtual Audio Cables.

However, I wish to add a couple more receivers to monitor on Fldigi but I need a couple more Virtual Cables. Email to VB CAble just gets me their standard install our mixer comment. I don't want to mix these signals and they don't seem to get what I'm asking for. They just are not willing to put out more Cable options, three is all they seem to offer.

I download Jack Audio, it has virtually no instructions and their forum does not seem to exist. Can't seem to get it working.
I also downloaded VAC virtual audio cable, their user manual is empty on windows 10, and it disables my PC sound card completely.

No response from tech support on either of these software.

Does someone know of or use a Virtual Audio Cable software that will work with Window 10? OR

Does someone know where I can get good Ham Radio help with one of these software?

I have searched You Tube and done multiple Goolge searches.

Still trying to work this out.

73 Thanks Walter

Re: Virtual Audio Cable Software

Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2016 1:57 am
by NN4F
I use Eugene's VAC Virtual Audio Cable, it works great under Win10, I have 14 cables defined and working well....there is a discounted version you can buy saving a few dollars for the RSP users, Mike got a discount for the facebook user group, which applies to all RSP users... ... DRPLAY2016

Paul - NN4F