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My workaround for recording with SDRuno 1.11

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:46 am
by RLyell
Hello everyone.

From what I have been reading, and have experienced myself, the recording feature is not very good with the SDRuno software. So, to get around this and make it easy, I done the following.

Since SDRplay and SDRuno is running on a computer, I got a small audio adapter plug (the kind that lets me convert 1 audio output jack to 2 sources. It's the little adapter that lets you use 2 headphones from one audio output.

I plugged that adapter into the speaker output jack on back of the computer. The computer speakers are plugged in on one side of the jack, and the other jack goes to a little digital recorder that you can buy anywhere. I keep it on the desk. When I come across a signal I want to record I just press the record button on the digital recorder.

It records to a micro memory card and it also records in MP3 format.

I use the Sangean digital recorder. You can read about it here. ... B003XU76QK

Re: My workaround for recording with SDRuno 1.11

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:25 am
by DanubeBCL
If you are only interested in the audio (not the IF/IQ baseband spectrum in first place) you can also do recordings with software (like Audacity or similar). When your PC still has a stereo mix line (must sometimes be activated in the systems audio settings) you can record any audio which is running on your PC soundcard e. g. with Audacity (or other software recorders). When there is no stereo mix available you can install a virtual soundcard like VB Audio Cable (or similar).

On the other hand: I have made several baseband recordings with SDRuno and I have no problem with playback in the software at all. So I still wonder why so many report issues.

73, Heinrich