Sdruno.EXTIO, Sdr perseus,TMAT2 problèm

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Sdruno.EXTIO, Sdr perseus,TMAT2 problèm

Postby THIERRY » Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:53 pm

Hello everyone
I have a sdrplay with Sdruno and a TMAT2 there is no problem of running
(TMAT2_DLL.dll file installed in the Sdruno directory)
I wanted to launch with Sdruno.extio and sdr perseus there is no problem of operation.
On the other hand, the TMAT2 is not recognized, in the main settings / tmate menu, I have the error "tmate server disable"
I installed the file TMAT2_DLL.dll in the document directory but still the same problem
I think there is an error in the executable of Sdruno.extio
If you have an idea?
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