How to change freq on Laptop without wheel mouse

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Re: How to change freq on Laptop without wheel mouse

Postby W9KJO » Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:42 pm

W2DLC wrote:As, I said, everything is working fine on my laptop. I like SDRUno. I had a learning curve, but it wasn't that long. Mostly, I discovered that the software can do a lot more than I could discover in one sitting. There is more access to the gain controls and individual filters in SDRUno than in the other software, but some of that is in menus or windows that aren't immediately visible. Once you have discovered them, and then learned how they function, you can really tune it to do exactly what you want.

Well this is far from one sitting for me, LOL. I use SDR UNO everyday on my desktop. I am an experienced user. The software is just not made for a Toshiba Laptop and apparently many other laptops. It is something that needs to be corrected.

The Best correction would be to click on the top or bottom of any digit to change it up or down and a different click for manual tuning, like a double click. but the up and down arrows would be a definite improvement. There just needs to be someway to tune the frequency on a laptop that works on all laptops.

BTW it is useless to assume that users with questions are inexperienced.


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Re: How to change freq on Laptop without wheel mouse

Postby Sailor46 » Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:30 pm

W9KJO wrote:Interesting
W2DLC wrote:If you click at the top of a digit, it will increase, and click on the bottom of the digit, it will decrease.
that the up/down arrows work on your laptop but not on mine. That is very curious. I have a Toshiba Sattelite.

For now I just switched from SDR Uno the HDSDR. It too bad too because SDR Uno is a good software. Just not setup well for laptops. Laptops are fast replacing desktop PCs.


I am seeing the same issue. If I click on the bottom or the top of a digit, SDRuno clears the freq and waits for me to enter a freq. I worked in a software QA group before. We always tested our software on a large number of computers. This does not look like SDRuno was very well tested. The instructions in the manual are not working on many laptops in this forum. This is not a learning curve issue. This is a QA software testing issue. Desktops are being replaced by laptops almost everywhere. SDRuno needs to support laptops, as well as desktops, and needs to work on many laptops as documented in the manual, or the manual needs to be changed. Changing freq with SDRuno on many laptops is almost impossible without an external mouse with a mouse wheel.
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Re: How to change freq on Laptop without wheel mouse

Postby sdrplay » Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:47 pm

Couple of things to note. The Rx control window and the SP1 window behave differently....

In the RX control window, clicking on the frequency will enable a green box around the frequency and wait for a number (in kHz) to be typed in. So if I want 98.8MHz I would type 98800 and then press enter. If escape is pressed then the frequency entry is cancelled.

If you give the SP1 window the focus, then pressing the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard will change the frequency by the step size specified in the RX control window (to the left of the frequency) - right click on the frequency to change the step size.

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