Two RSP1's on one PC

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Two RSP1's on one PC

Postby W9KJO » Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:31 pm

I now have two RSP1's. The second I purchased for portable/mobile operation with my laptop. I decided to try and use it on my PC at the same time as my first RSP1.

I use the first RSP1 to monitor 5 VFO's on digital modes with Fldigi. This one is working with SDR Console V2

The second RSP1 I am using with SDR UNO to do phone while the first is still receiving the digital signals.

The problem is that the select device dropdown window only shows one RSP1. Sometimes when I start the second software, trying to run the second RSP1, the SDR UNO software will grab the RSP being used by SDR Console and Console stops working. At other times the SDR UNO software appears to grab the second RSP1 and they both seem to run perfectly. As far as I can tell it is pretty random when this occurs.

My suggestion is that SDR Play develop a way for the PC to identify the two separate RSPs so the confusion can be removed from the system.

W9KJO, Walter

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