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SDRuno WispDDE Orbitron

Postby vk2byf » Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:30 am

Hi, I'm trying to get Orbitron to correct SDRuno receive frequency for Doppler shift.
RX CONTROL > SETT > CAT > is set like this, COM14 Baud Rate 9600 RX MODE CTRL yes, ENABLE & CONNECT yes, STATUS:CONNECTED.
I have a virtual COM port pair COM13/COM14 set up.
Is this all I have to do at the SDRuno end?
Orbitron Driver WispDDE selected and sending Rotator information but not frequency info.
This must be a WispDDE configuration problem as I had this working with SDR#
If anyone has managed to get Orbitron to control the SDRuno frquency to correct for satellite Doppler shift. I'd like to hear from them please.
Regards Bob vk2byf
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