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Transmit Button

Postby EdW2PH » Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:17 am

I am one of many users that are using an SDR Play(In my case a II Pro) as a receiver coupled to an ICOM IC-7300 transceiver using the omnirig feature. I try to use the "T" function on the keyboard to transmit but frequently have problems as follows:

I am using two monitors, one for SDRUno and the other for my logging and rig control software (In this case TRx Manager). All works fine except that when I am trying to enter log readings on the second monitor, I lose focus on the SDR Uno and the "T" command does not key the ICOM. Please put a Tx button on the "Rx Control" window. If I key the radio via the normal PTT on the ICOM, I get a burst of feedback due to the delay in the serial transmit command so I must use the "T" function, but not realizing that the focus is off SDR Uno leads to errors.

Simon of SDR-Console fame came up with a good idea in that they set a reverse squelch level that can be programmed. It is set in db and when the transmitter keys by normal means, it detects the reverse squelch crossing level being reached quickly disabling the audio.

I use the DX Engineering RTR-1A to protect the SDR-Play 2 Pro from high signal levels.

Please consider the transmit "button" as mentioned to replicate the "T" command as more and more people are using your SDR radio combined with a transceiver.
I would gladly be a beta tester for the software.

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