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Re: Scanner?

Post by natiya » Tue Nov 21, 2017 6:34 am

13dka wrote:It would be best to simply try it (quite easy since you can just copy as many instances of SDR# to your HDD as you want, just put them all into an individual folder). However of course it can stop at busy frequencies and has provisions to log activity time on frequencies it found. There is an "audio recorder" specifically complimenting the Fast Scanner plug-in, which records activity found while scanning, storing it into one folder per frequency. This enables you to literally walk away and have SDR# doing a complete band (or even multiple bands) survey on its own. When you're back you can evaluate the recordings and activity logs, and store interesting/identified frequencies to the stock Frequency Manager.

The one thing it doesn't do is "memory scan", that is scanning frequencies you already stored in the Frequency Manager. For that, there are probably other plug-ins available.
Is the plugin "Fast scanner" with the option of recording audio available at the moment?

Because I think I've got all the available plugins installed, so would this be achieved by setting the "Frequency Scanner" to "auto-lock" and then do we need to run the scanner and the "Scanner Metrics" plugin to record the report with the busiest frequencies?

There is also the "Frequency Manager + Scanner" pluggin which, in the Preferences option, says "Log newly found frequencies to the database".

I'm not sure which one of these options could be or if it's a different/new one.

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