Audio differences SDRPlay & IC7300

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Audio differences SDRPlay & IC7300

Postby w8aks » Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:31 pm

After a year, I️ have put my rsp2 online. Waiting on a mfj1708sdr to marry it to my Icom 7300.
However, ran into a problem with the audio.
I️ was using the 7300 usb audio codec but I️ could not get any audio.
Then I️ changed over to the native audio from the computer I️.e. Realtrek hd and I️ got audio.
Having a ball listening.
My question is what happens when I️ connect the 1708sdr and try to use the rsp2 as a second receiver, mainly for the panadapter.
The 7300 uses the USB codec while the Rsp2 needs the Realtek.
Has anyone experienced this, if so please how did you solve it?

Thank you & 73
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