SDRuno with KSYN3A

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SDRuno with KSYN3A

Postby awachter » Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:20 am

I've been using SDRuno with my old (serial #305) K3 and it worked flawlessly. When I tried to upgrade the synthesizer with the KSYN3A, SDRuno doesn't seem to work anymore - or the K3 outputs a different IF now. While the K3 receiver still seems to work, the signals on SDRuno are basically gone (only the very strongest make it through). I played around with the IF Output mode settings and set the frequency to the IF frequency of the K3: 8.125MHz (IF enabled). That seemed to bring back the IF signals but I could no longer control the K3 (and SDRuno showed as frequency 8.125MHz regardless of the band I was on). Very strange behavior. Anybody know how to solve this problem?
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