UNO v 1.23.1 strange behaviour

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UNO v 1.23.1 strange behaviour

Post by KE2KB » Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:44 pm

I have an RSP1.
I just un-installed SDRUNO ver 1.21 (even cleaned out the registry, then rebooted), and installed version 1.23.1.
I set up ver 1.23.1 the same as I had ver 1.21 set up:

Input Level Display: Gain
IF Mode: Low-IF

SR (Mhz): 2.0
Dec: 2
LO Lock: Off
AGC: Off
LNA: Off

Mode: LSB
Freq: 7.140.000

I left all of the other settings at default.
Note: When I first installed ver 1.23.1, the LNA was ON and AGC was ON.

The first thing I noticed is that I was seeing and hearing lots of broadcast AM stations on the 40m ham band. When I changed from Zero-IF to Low-IF that reduced the broadcast chatter.
Second thing I found was that the LNA button was acting in reverse as I would expect. When it was lit up (white), the spectrum display appeared as though the LNA was off, and when I clicked the button to turn LNA off (dark), the spectrum looked like it would when LNA is on.
Next, I noticed that the IF gain slider was not working properly. It was impossible to move it to the setting I desired - this was with AGC off.
The movement of the slider, and other controls appeared sluggish; as though another process was eating most of CPU resources. But there was nothing else running on the PC.

System specs:
MSI P67 with Intel i5 2500 @ 3.4Ghz
NVidia GeForce 750 GTX 2GB
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (up-to-date)
OS drive: 512GB (partitioned into 2 250GB) SSD (Samsung 850 EVO)

Not being content with the newer version (1.23.1), I completely un-installed it, and re-installed ver 1.21.
After setting it up as it was before, it seemed to be working fine.
Next, I re-installed ver 1.23.1 alongside ver 1.21, with each version in a separate folder.
Now, when I run either version they seem to perform the same. No problems with ver 1.23.1.
I am sure that I am actually running the version I want to run by starting the program from its install folder.

So, what happened?

Thanks for your help


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Re: UNO v 1.23.1 strange behaviour

Post by sdrplay » Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:51 pm

RSP1 gain control is broken in SDRuno 1.23 - I wouldn't recommend using 1.23 with RSP1. RSP1A/RSP2/RSP2pro/RSPduo are ok as they use a different gain control.

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SDRplay Support

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Re: UNO v 1.23.1 strange behaviour

Post by Roger » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:20 pm

Why use SDRuno 1.21? The latest version for RSP1 is 1.22.

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