SDRuno high-frequency output to Virtual Audio Cable

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SDRuno high-frequency output to Virtual Audio Cable

Postby Alexei_from_Zurich » Fri Aug 17, 2018 2:16 pm

I need to send a wide-band audio signal that includes also ultrasonic range from SDRuno to an external application trough the Virtual Audio Cable. Frequencies should include audible range and 40 kHz ultrasound. SDRuno can send 192 kHz signal to the Virtual Audio Cable and Matlab can accept and process this signal. However, I have found that all frequencies above 24 kHz were filtered out. Did anybody discover this problem? Or, may be, knows a solution? I used SDRuno ver. 1.22 with ExtIO.dll and RTL-SDR.COM v.3 dongle, Windows 10.

I have been told that ExtIO version 1.22 is, in fact, identical to version 1.05. I am curios whether full version. 1.22 has the same high-frequency cutting issue, and where is some work around.

Just for reference. HDSDR transmits high frequencies without problems.
I have read in Internet that SDR# and SDR Radio don't do this.
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