New Version 1.3 disapointing

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Re: New Version 1.3 disapointing

Post by glovisol » Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:46 am


I suspect you did not competely deinstall the previous version when you installed Ver. 1.3. You should de-install previous version completely, until the SDRpaly directory is empty. After de-install, re-start the PC and install Ver.1.3. It should work fine. If you see the ADC OVERLOAD warning, you must reduce gain immediately untile the overload alarm disappears for good.

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Re: New Version 1.3 disapointing

Post by WA1MAD » Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:40 pm

I too am having issues with very 1.3. I get the dreaded "SDRuno Error:Device cannot be initialized (sdrplay_api_Fail)" I uninstalled all files per directions and re-installed SDRuno ver 1.3. at first I didn't get the Error message but got no audio or spectrum signals. I thought I might have a failed RSP1A so I connected it to my laptop running an earlier version and it worked. Now I get the Error message. I too will reinstall the earlier version until this situation is resolved. Thanks I really liked 1.3
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Re: New Version 1.3 disapointing

Post by dandavis » Mon Apr 08, 2019 1:51 am

I’m new to SDRUNO and had the same error message.

I tried to reinstall a couple of times with no luck.

At times I was also getting the message about the API service not running. I tried stopped and restarting the service.

I was able to get 1.3 working again by deleting the ini file.

Since then I have had no further issues.

I think I caused my issue by installing the software and RSP1A using a USB hub on my Surface laptop and then using the Surface port directly a couple of days later.

After that I was unable to get it working until I deleted the ini file.

The RSP1A worked fine with the Spectrum Analyzer application all of the time.

A new ini file is created with default settings if it doesn’t find one on startup.

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