Suggestion for Scanner Display

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Suggestion for Scanner Display

Postby Patgfww » Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:41 pm

First off let me say I love the new Scanner that was introduced in ver 1.3 Great work SDRPLAY. It does basically everything I was hoping it would do and is working very well for me. I have one minor suggestion/request/wish. Would It be possible to display the description of the channel that pops up in the same size font as the information above it? The "HOLD" "WAIT" and FREQUENCY that shows on the top line of the display is in a larger font and easy to read, however the bottom line that displays the channel description is considerably smaller. I am guessing the length of the description field is why you are probably using a smaller font but the Scanner display window/box itself is pretty big and it would look more uniform and easier to read in my opinion if both lines were in the Larger font. I know this is very minor but just thought I would mention it. This may not of been the proper place to post this and if so I apologize but I thought maybe there are others in the forum that might like this suggestion also.

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