A Few Basic Questions, Please: IF Mode et al ?

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A Few Basic Questions, Please: IF Mode et al ?

Post by Robert11 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:29 pm

Hi Folks,

First, let me say again how much I appreciate all the help.
Lots to learn, and, frankly, it isn't too easy for me now. But working on it.
(Have read the Manual, several times; will be starting on all the YouTube Videos on it next)

Have a RSP-2. Really enjoying it.

a. I have essentially no good understanding of the "IF Mode" function and the "LIF" button.
Could someone please give me a few words on when one uses which, and what it should be for the various modes, etc. ?

Before I just did a restore to the factory defaults, I had in Main/Settings (I think) a Zero IF and Low IF. Don't seem to show now ?
What are/were these, and how should they be set "

b. Re that spike that often appears in the middle of the spectrum:
I am assuming it is from the LO.
Is this something you just live with, or is there an "easy" way to not have it show ? Notch out ? Or,...?

c. What's the usual/best way of adjusting the span of the Spectrum that shows ?


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