Scanner and RDS decoder

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Scanner and RDS decoder

Post by DaveB » Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:11 am

It is a great step forward to have a 'proper' scanner integrated in with SDRUno. I've tried it on airband, just to see how it worked, and on FM - which is my main area of interest.

The video tutorial is a very helpful complement to the manual, but a point to note is the manual doesn't appear to mention that the scanner defaults to Low Frequency IF. The video cover that point.

Apart from any other fact - the scanner doesn't add to the CPU load - unlike another one I use which is a CPU hog.

Now with a full scanner available in SDRUno - FMDXers like my self will go on bended knee to beg for the RDS decoder to be equipped with a logfile which would of course need to have the date, Time, and frequency as well as the data. It needs to be easily exportable as a csv file. It would also be very helpful is the RDS decoder could have the option to automatically reset after frequency change or after a settable time interval.

If at the same time it was possible to tweak the sensitivity of the decoder that would be beneficial.

Then we would finally have a fully integrated FM-DX solution for unattended monitoring.


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Re: Scanner and RDS decoder

Post by dougw9wi » Mon Apr 29, 2019 3:00 am


I love the scanner.

Here in the States we have a number of television autoscanners. They tune every channel and, if a signal is seen, send the strength, quality, and Transport Stream ID (TSID) to a central server. You can see the live bandscan on (the U.S. and Canadian governments assign specific TSIDs to each station, so you can tell from the TSID and RF frequency which transmitter you're receiving) (I hacked the scanner software to save a copy of the data to a local file)

I've been hacking -- very intermittently -- for years on something similar for FM. RDS is not as universal here as it is in Europe, but enough stations use it to be worthwhile. The ability to log any received RDS data -- or at least the PI codes -- would be wonderful!

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