Kill Processes in WIN10 & Computer Optimization

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Kill Processes in WIN10 & Computer Optimization

Post by FleetingGlimpse » Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:52 pm

I have been reading a few articles related to the 'optimum' computer configuration for running SDRuno.

Well to cut to the chase I finally was able to upgrade my system and here a few results of my preliminary real world tests running SDRuno_1.31

This is running the basic 2:1 decimation on the upgraded work station ... 0316469248

And this is on High Priority Opts. at a rate of 10:1 ... 8617522176

I could not even do a screen grab of my 'older' workstation to document when I tried to do a 10:1 Sample rate..'cos the entire system would freeze.

Also another suggestion to bear in mind for other users whom may have a system resource challenged CPU/Computer is to 'KIll' as many processes running in the background on WIN10 that is not essential to SDRuno.

In my case ,I 'Kill' 'em all ..I don't need X-Box or Cortana as well as a host of other functions that startup with WIN10..In so doing doing I am able to free-up more resources for SDRuno as well as other essential tasks. Which equates to Improved multitasking

Also why do so many programs needs to connect to the internet? How about if one is at a location where access to the internet is unreliable? Well I also disable/kill any such resource 'hogging' applications.

Also keep in mind that the Windows Update settings has to be changed whereby it allows one to decide which updates to select. Because after you disable certain background apps. windows update will to reinstall 'em which defeats the purpose.

Windows10 in like manner of it's predecessors has too many "Bloats" that are not needed and actually annoys..same as in the mobile smart phone market..a whole heap of stuff that is not needed to make a phone call.

OBTW A Happy Fathers Day wishes to all the parents in the forum.

Back to 'Killing' = (metaphor) stuff that's usurping my valuable CPU system resouces...Best Regards, Storminorm

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