why? wont it just run already?

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why? wont it just run already?

Post by gm42uk » Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:19 pm

Hi, i am / was...the proud owner of the rspduo and now for the past 5 hours i have installed the sdruno and uninstalled it i have restarted my pc many many times in between and still i get either service not running to which i followed some advice i read on the boards to type services in the search make sure its running (win 10) which i have finally got it to that state by clicking restart service under the start menu so happy days right? .... no now i can finally run the program i get Sdruno error: Device cannot be initialised (sdrplay_api_fail) so now i have got to this point so i serch on these boards again and low and be hold its telling me to uninstall the drivers and sdruno to say i have just about had enough is an understatement.....i was under the impression it would be plug and play not plug and get frustrated for 5 hours!, anyway rant over is there any help i can follow before i return this £200+ door stop? any help would be much appreciated..
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Re: why? wont it just run already?

Post by g1hbe » Sat Jun 29, 2019 10:05 am

Best advice right now would be to click on 'support' and open a ticket. The people at SDRPlay are very helpful and will have you going in no time. Most installations go perfectly and the RSP is receiving within 5 minutes or less, but sometimes a problem with the Windows installation can stop it working. Windows 7 is a case in point, you have to make sure all service packs are installed and fully updated.
Other problems include a faulty USB lead or plugging in the device before the installation software tells you to. Good luck.

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