Requested Record/Playback Enhancements

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Requested Record/Playback Enhancements

Post by wreeve » Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:25 pm

1. Provide an indication on the Recorder window that the Scheduler timer is "Engaged"
2. Provide repeat schedules in Scheduler
3. Provide multiple schedules, say, up to six in Scheduler
4. Synchronize the timestamps on the waterfall during playback with the actual record time in the WAV file

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Re: Requested Record/Playback Enhancements

Post by Paul » Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:42 pm

Hi there
The best way of making suggestions is to this email address:
The SDRplay development team wish us to use this contact for bug reports and any suggestions as they cannot guarantee to monitor all fora posts.
See this SDRplay quote (also applies to suggestion)s:
"Neither this forum or the Facebook groups is the way to provide feedback regarding bugs as we do not read every post. This forum is not a reliable channel back to the company. It is a vehicle for the community to exchange information."
They read all such posts but do not reply other than possibly to questions.
Best Wishes

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