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Using SDRUno via Microsoft Remote Desktop - some oddities with MEM Panel

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:40 am
by DX-SDR-Pori-Finland

I'd like to verify if my findings are accurate.

I use SDRUno remotely using Microsoft Remote Dektop (later, RDP).While the SDRUno work very well via remote connection, but the MEM panel acts weird. The symptoms I have are following:

1) If I left the SDRUno active and disconnected the RDP, when re-connecting the text on the MEM Panel are all black. Shutting down and restarting SDRUno and text is white again.

2) When using RDP the MEM Panel is extremely slow. It takes lots of time to update, scrolling around is absolutely impossible. Only way to have decent usability with the MEM Panel is to have it as small as possible - not that handy with big frequency listings.

Anyone else have seen this kind of behaviour with the MEM Panel?

I tried the same with Google Remote Desktop and Anydesk, both update the MEM Panel in real time without no delays more than the remote connection causes.

For me, using RDP is vital as at the remote site the computer and connected monitor does not allow me to have more than Full HD resolution. VNC, Anydesk and Google Remote Desktop relays to the physical resolution available in remote site, MS RDP allow me to create a virtual monitor with the resolution of WQHD (2560x1440) - that is my local resolution what I need to use.

If my findings are accurate, would it be possible to forward this to the delevoper teamf of SDRUno as because this problem is not affecting anything else that the MEM Panel, I believe there might be some possibilities to "tweak" the workings of the MEM Panel to ease this nuance.



Re: Using SDRUno via Microsoft Remote Desktop - some oddities with MEM Panel

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:02 pm
Hi fellow,

I confirm having experienced the same. And also adding that sometimes the MEM panel is colored as black font in a dark blue background. Very difficult to read. And, in general, so clumsy to edit that I rather use notepad to make any.

But I can't compare difference between RDP/console, because in my remote site there's no display/keyboard/mouse at all.

73, Jukka