Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much!

Post by eckrot » Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:32 pm

Dear SDRPlay team,

thank you very much for giving us that great SW package! I think this will help to encourage even more people to go for a SDRPlay.

Since I had Studio1 some years before, I'm familiar with the GUI philosophy, which is not self-explaining on some edges. So, I struggled a while to save a workspace, it took me some time to remember that. I'm sure you'll improve such things. There a a few things I'd like to put on the wishlist::
* tuning from inside the AUX SP window would be very helpfull
* auto loading of one selected workspace on start up- even the last selected workspace name is displayed in main window after starting, it is not restored. It has to be selected again to restore the windows
* after recalling a workspace, it is not restored correctly, at least on my HP7 stream, see screenshot
SDRuno_1.jpg (197.87 KiB) Viewed 4603 times
The SDRUno main window is where it should be, but the grey window headline is placed over the RX window. I cannot use the other windows correctly until I clicked on that headline, having immediately the main window on the mouse pointer in the middle of the screen.
* the headlines of the of the RX control and EX Control do look strange, too. At least on the 1280x800 resolution of the HP7 stream tablet. See screenshot above.
* MCTRL status in RX window is not restored on starting the SDRUno, and so isn't the 'Filter by VRX freg.' in the MEM window.

... however, all minor topics, great to have that software available for the SDRPlay! Thanks again!

73 de Eckhard
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