SDRuno with K3 using IF for. Radio

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SDRuno with K3 using IF for. Radio

Postby Nj5n » Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:32 pm

Thanks for the software, I have a couple of questions in getting it setup.
First my setup is:
SDRPlay is connected to the IF output from the K3 via my P3 scope at 8,215 MHZ with a 200khz bandwidth
It appears there is no requirement to enter the IF frequency it is calculated in the software, that is correct right?

In comparing the signals to my P3 or HDSDR they are not nearly as well defined, they seem to be in the noise, not sure what to adjust

How do get the center of my 200KHZ bandwidth to stay at the center of my tuned frequency? Currently if start the program at 14.150 the scope will drop off as I go below 14.150 as it set to give me 200khz or 100khz either side of the center frequency?

Hope the questions make sense as I am new to SDR and the associated software.

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